21 Oct 2013

Bare Naked Bunny and another Rainbow!

For some time now I've had these two knitted bunnies which I made and adapted (the boy bunny anyway) from here. When I say some time, I'm talking probably three years, and in all of that time, I've always had the intention of making a dress or some clothes for the 'bare naked bunny' as the girl bunny has been nicknamed. On Saturday I decided to actually do something about it and made her a dress. So to start with, this is how they've always sat on the shelf above my computer...

I see her everyday and there's been no excuse for me not making her some clothes, but you know how it is!

This is her loved one...

and now, she has a brand new dress...

just look at the love in his face, even one of his eyes has turned heart shaped!

Now, onto something amazing which happened on Saturday, do you remember my rainbow picture from Thursday? Well, late in the afternoon I looked out and saw the most amazing complete double rainbow, with colours that were so intense and it lasted ages. People outside were actually stopping and taking photos. I've stitched two photos together to show you but unfortunately it does not show the intensity of the colours, but if you look at the colours from the first photo, that's just how the complete rainbow looked,  which of course stood out against the colour of that sky.

I've never seen such a sight as this before and I'm so glad I did.