29 Nov 2012

Thursday view from my Window

This was earlier today, lovely blue sky with whispy clouds but quite cold outside

I was not going to do sunrise or sunset today but couldn't resist quickly snapping this which lasted all of 30 seconds!

Linking up with Jane for more Thursday views

Update on my unfinished projects......Lavender sachets finished!! There are 23 of them, all shapes and sizes, but I don't care as they are for my drawers and cupboards.

I've put the felt on the bottom of the flower frogs I made.

That's two off the list.

I've finished square 60 of the shaker style blanket/rug

I've made some Christmas Gnomes...hubby said 'they've got holes in their noses' and I said 'so! they're nostrils' (quick thinking there) they shouldn't really have holes but that's the only type of beads I had left

they now have bells on their hats like the little elves I've made below