25 Jul 2014

My Thursday/Friday View and Lavender

This was my view yesterday, blue skies and a fluffy white cloud and you would have seen it yesterday had I not run out of time, once again!!

Time has been taken up this last couple of weeks with Lavender, it's gone from the plants

to the drying

to the cutting of the dried flower heads

to the shredding of the heads

which have then been turned into the following, now in my handmade shop


12 Jul 2014

I'm still here!

Wow, what a hectic few weeks I've had!

June is a very heavy birthday month in our family, including mine and this year we've had two special ones, an 18th and at the other end of the scale, a 70th, so lots of things happening.

I've also been working hard on my two etsy shops, which of course I'd love you to look at, just click on the tabs! I'm working on keeping facebook up to date and have also joined twitter.

Anyways, a glimpse of some of our trips away. Hubs, bless his cotton socks, booked a surprise birthday treat for me which was a few days up in Derbyshire and I loved it! So here's a few photos.....

Tissington Estate (below)

we stayed here....

Hubs went off to visit Thor's Cave and as I'm a scaredy cat, I waited in the field watching the sun go down and was absolutely thrilled when I saw this beauty

never seen one in the wild before.....awwwww!

the golden glow on the way back to b&b

The owner of the b&b had this cake on the breakfast table for my birthday, and stood and sang me happy birthday

We visited here

crammed full of books, on 3 floors and just wonderful!

We called in at Ilam on the way home and on our walk around, spotted this delightful little family of Voles, I think they are voles? Playing and munching merrily away, so sweet

We've also been to Somerset for my sister's birthday, which is two days after mine. We missed the first day of a weekend airshow which included the red arrows, but caught a few planes on the second day

That's a small selection of the many many photos I've taken over the last few weeks

Some of these photos look a bit weird to me, I've purchased a one click photoshop makeover but I'm not too impressed with the quality for some of the photos however, the last one above is loads better than the original so I think it's a case of trial and error for this. They all looked great in the photoshop program but hmmmmm, we'll see. 

Hope everyone is well