28 Aug 2014

Sutton Park and a bloggy holiday

As usual just lately, I'm busy busy busy! Because of this and also because hubs starts his holiday at the weekend, I shall take a little break from blogland until probably mid September. We are booked to go away, to just outside Whitby for a few days on his 2nd week of hols but I'm trying to book another couple of days somewhere, some place, hopefully by the sea, for our wedding anniversary on the 4th Sept.

I'll leave you for now with some pictures from my last visit to Sutton Park and I'll catch up with you all from mid September on.....

Brain Fungi!

Lots of lovely elderberries

and finally, the best and cutest.....

See you soon

19 Aug 2014

Snippets of my Week

Time once again is very short so I thought I'd do a snippets from the past week. I saw someone doing this on another blog and thought it is such a good idea, I'll give that a go but when I look at the photos I've uploaded,  this seems an epic 'snippets', but here goes

Listening to:



All I've done with this book is put the bookmark in, as I finished my other book last night. This will be started later


Hubs is reading the final book in the Game of Thrones series and this book is a monster and he was having trouble keeping the book propped up as well as open. I'd seen these fabric stands on pinterest and thought it would be ideal for leaning the book against to take the weight. This 'stand' is 9 inches high and deep and filled with yellow split peas at the base and the rest of the stuffing is from an old cushion, otherwise it would have weighed a ton! Having told you the size of this you can now see how huge this book is that he's reading


Still doing my crochet square blanket and it's slowly getting bigger


What to cook! Decided on a chicken biryani 

A trip to Sutton Park:

Bees in the tree

me in my wellies

just look at that heart shaped patch on the head

Etsy Vintage:

Etsy Handmade:


Kent Cobnuts....yum!

Looking Forward to:

This is where we will be staying for four nights in September, just outside of Whitby. I'm so ready for this break!