29 Jul 2014

Do you see what I see?

A couple of weeks ago I took myself off to Sutton Park for a much needed couple of hours break from things and sat by Little Bracebridge Pool. I was mesmerised by two types of Dragonflies which luckily for me, stayed put and gave me time to photograph them. It wasn't until I put the photos on the computer that I started seeing other things in the photos.

Another view, but can you see all the different faces down his back?

This caught my eye, all the lovely reflections in the water

but then I noticed a crocodile with its eye poking up

also, my singing twig/branch! It looks to me like it's down on one knee, arms outstretched, serenading the leaves and the branch

along pops dragonfly number two

who I've now called 'camper van'......do you see it?

it has even got windscreen wipers!

Do I just have an over active imagination? 


25 Jul 2014

My Thursday/Friday View and Lavender

This was my view yesterday, blue skies and a fluffy white cloud and you would have seen it yesterday had I not run out of time, once again!!

Time has been taken up this last couple of weeks with Lavender, it's gone from the plants

to the drying

to the cutting of the dried flower heads

to the shredding of the heads

which have then been turned into the following, now in my handmade shop