17 Oct 2014

Snippets.....for now!

Well, I've now managed to upload some photos and can do a catch up post.

I seem to be forever making excuses for my lack of blogging this year and I did say I'd be back mid September and now of course it's mid October! Where did that go?

We had our holiday in North Yorkshire and it, plus the weather was wonderful. I'll show you some photos in the next post. When we got back from our hols I came down with a beauty of a cold, this one really knocked me about and left me with no energy whatsoever. I'm over it now though thank goodness. Since then, hubs mum has been assessed in hospital and has been told now that she has to go to a care home to live as her mobility is non existent and she would very much be a danger to herself living on her own. So the process of sorting through her things and dividing between the siblings and of course keeping things she wants for her room, is taking place for when she moves.  It's a very sad time for hubs, but unfortunately it has to be faced and got on with as the time limit before moving is approaching fast.

However, on to some snippets of my goings on.....


It has to be said that this book is certainly a page turner with non stop action. One of the characters is a little over the top with the corny remarks but, that's the way he's supposed to be and some of the remarks are quite comical. This book is apparently the 3rd in quite a long series featuring the two main characters. I didn't know this until I bought this book and will now look out for the first two. They can though be read independently as although the stories do follow the two characters, it's not vital that you need to know the previous stories (I want to read them now though). We discovered a fabulous shop which sells all sorts and you can buy three books for £1, this is how I came to buy this one.......well, actually hubs bought this one but as he's now heading towards the end of the Game of Thrones books, I sneaked it in first. I've gone from having no books to read to nine from this shop and now of course with the sorting of hubs mum's stuff, there is another pile of books to add to my list, so I now have a happy smiley face.


This is just a small amount of the things we've been given from hubs mum, which need sorting through. The yellow fabric box under the books is a foot stool with a lift up lid, more storage space for me and a useful item too. It's also on castors, but I am going to have to give it a makeover and re-cover it.


Talking of storage, you know those plinth covers under the kitchen units, well, I've decided to make use of all that wasted space so have been taking off the front covers, making drawer boxes to slide under and putting the covers back, with a little pull thingy, which can't be seen and putting the covers back in place. The photo shows things just dumped under them at the moment, I now have made three pull boxes with one more to do and then, possibly, onto the next units.....we'll see!


With the thought of the cooler/colder weather on the way, I thought I'd use up some of my wool and make a poncho to pop over when I'm feeling the chill. I'm quite proud of this as I had no pattern to work from and made it up as I went along. I don't know, with the poncho and my tie-dye material.....still unfinished :( I must be on a boho trip!


Baby clothes! No, not for me but for a new arrival which is due next June.....should give me enough time to finish this little wrap over cardigan and beanie hat, plus perhaps a couple more things. I'm trying to work through my wool stash, as with the poncho above and little baby clothes are ideal for using up some of the small amounts I have. I know, that spool is not small, but most of the baby wool I have is in quite small amounts.

That's it for now

Have a good weekend and I'll be back with some holiday photos next week.

Also, go take a look here and here. I have put loads of stuff in my etsy shops and there are lots of Christmas related craft items in the first link and all sorts of vintage in the second link.


16 Oct 2014

I'm here!

Hello everyone. 

I am here and I'm trying to do a post.....hahaha! 

It's now 6.15 pm and I've been trying since lunchtime to put photos on and it's just not working today, so so slow!

I'll try again tomorrow or Saturday at latest as I do have a visitor tomorrow.

So for now, bye bye and hopefully catch you with an update by the weekend.

Suzy x