26 Jan 2015

Day 1 of Holiday Break - A Question and Updates from my Shop

On our first day of our holiday break we ventured far and wide.....well, 10 minutes down the road!! 

I've had this leaflet thingy on 3 walks in Sutton Park for years and always intended to do them so on the first Saturday, we did walk 1. In fact, without realising, we have actually done most of this walk before. There was only one little stretch which was new to us. But it's always interesting to follow these walks as you find out some of the history surrounding it. There are two routes to choose from and we did the alternative route being 3 miles (1.5 hours) which is a little longer than the suggested route (2.25 miles 1 hour) 

I should have taken photos to show you along with the next bit of info, but smacked wrists, I didn't!!

What to see: Ditch and bank boundary of the deer park, created in the Middle Ages to conserve deer hunting by the Earl of Warwick. (Traceable along the whole length of the park boundary from Banners Gate to Four Oaks Gate) ..... wording from the leaflet

I've seen these stones before so many times and now I know what they are. More words from leaflet and again no photos, except for a stone. In all honesty it is just a bump in the ground.

What to see: This is Burnt Mound, formed about 3000 years ago from discarded heat-shattered stones. They were heated by fire, then water was poured on them to produce steam for a "sauna" (similar to practices recorded amongst North American Indians).  Around the mounds you will see the stones with jagged edges and hairline cracks. To be looked at but not removed!

Just a brief history lesson and on walk 2 I'll take more photos. Next are just general photos from the walk

Can't resist taking photos of heart shapes! 

There are a lot of mixed feeling about how they chop down the trees to create heath land causing some heated arguments! 

Not my work by the way

Now, on to my question. Does anyone know the name of this character as I'm ashamed to say I don't. I have a little box that I want to put in my shop and I'd like to say who it is in the description

Talking of my shop, here are some things for you to take a nose at

Lots and lots of buttons, all shapes and sizes and designs

Three reels of 'Handmade' Tape

 Beswick 'Zorba' retro Coffee Pot and Cups and Saucers
 A sweet little mouse sitting on a clog....no makers name or mark that I can see

You can visit my shop here or via the side bar, or up top via one of the tabs


22 Jan 2015

Marie's Art

This post has been a long time in the writing and Marie will fall on the floor now that I've finally got around to mentioning her. I got to know Marie through Etsy when I came across her work of a Hare and instantly fell in love with it and featured it in a treasury list of hares. I pondered and pondered about buying this, then eventually, did last year. I've still not got around to framing it though which is one more thing on my 'To Do' list but I really must do this as I want it up on the wall. The thing that has stopped me, more than my laziness, is finding a decent framer within a reasonable distance but I've now put together a small list and will check them out. This is the work of art I bought from Marie.....

So beautiful!!

Why don't you go take a look at her work, you can find her on Etsyfacebook and she also has a website here.

I shall be back soon with some holiday break photos