19 Aug 2014

Snippets of my Week

Time once again is very short so I thought I'd do a snippets from the past week. I saw someone doing this on another blog and thought it is such a good idea, I'll give that a go but when I look at the photos I've uploaded,  this seems an epic 'snippets', but here goes

Listening to:



All I've done with this book is put the bookmark in, as I finished my other book last night. This will be started later


Hubs is reading the final book in the Game of Thrones series and this book is a monster and he was having trouble keeping the book propped up as well as open. I'd seen these fabric stands on pinterest and thought it would be ideal for leaning the book against to take the weight. This 'stand' is 9 inches high and deep and filled with yellow split peas at the base and the rest of the stuffing is from an old cushion, otherwise it would have weighed a ton! Having told you the size of this you can now see how huge this book is that he's reading


Still doing my crochet square blanket and it's slowly getting bigger


What to cook! Decided on a chicken biryani 

A trip to Sutton Park:

Bees in the tree

me in my wellies

just look at that heart shaped patch on the head

Etsy Vintage:

Etsy Handmade:


Kent Cobnuts....yum!

Looking Forward to:

This is where we will be staying for four nights in September, just outside of Whitby. I'm so ready for this break!


12 Aug 2014

Tie Dyeing

Before I get on to the subject of tie dyeing I thought it's about time I mentioned the 'Follow by Email' thingy! Apparently some people have been having trouble with feedburner not delivering my posts. I know some people are getting the email posts but for some reason some are not, even when they cancel and re-register. Because of this, I've decided to use Mail Chimp. I'm still keeping feedburner going but anyone who now fills in the follow by email will follow via Mail Chimp.  Hope that makes sense!

I saw this dress recently and fell in love with the skirt part. I'm nowhere near brave enough to wear a dress with a top like that, one false move and I can see boobies popping out! But, as I say the skirt part for me was a wow and set me on a tie dye urge

I've also had a hankering for making a wrap around skirt and I've found a pattern but it does look a little complicated. I suppose if I make myself sit for half an hour and study it properly it may make sense.

So, I've had this dye sitting in a drawer for ages and I have to confess that I would prefer to use natural dyes, but it was there and I was impatient to make a start. I had quite a length of a cream coloured cotton sitting in my stash cupboard so I cut a huge part off and weighed it and of course it was around 200g too heavy to what the instructions suggested but what the heck, I was going to do it anyway and I didn't really want the velvet black that it was so I'm thinking, heavier weight paler colour

Next, bucket, salt (another thing which has been sitting in the cupboard for ages), apron, rubber gloves, elastic bands, long handled spoon for stirring, all at the ready

all I had to do now was tie the elastic bands around where ever and however I wanted. I already had a pattern in my mind, so I did sections at the base of the material and spread the rest out up towards where the waist will be........DO NOT do what I did and put the elastic bands in the wrong place which would of given me a side ways pattern.....durrr! I had to snip all the bands off and start again....oh dear me!

My fabric brewing away nicely...

...I did manage to remember to put plastic sheeting under the bucket and up the sides of the cupboards

Here's the results, and I'm very pleased, it's more the indigo colour that I actually wanted


I'm also looking at what's left in the bucket and the material I have left and thinking I can't waste this, so I started cutting cushions sized sections and tried different ways of tying, including wrapping the material around a wooden block


The thing now is, although I want a wrap around skirt, I came across a link from another blog which tempted me into ordering this book from Amazon, which I'm now waiting to arrive. It looks as though it's full of lovely clothes to make so I'm holding on until it arrives, just to see!

As I'm sitting here doing this post, the heavens have just opened and it is chucking it down, seriously chucking it down.