23 Mar 2015

National Forest Way - Part 1

We've I've decided we should do the National Forest Way walk, which is a 75 mile walk that has been split into 12 sections, if you'd like you can see the sections here. The only problem with this is though, they are straight through walks, as they would be on a long distance walk, and not circular walks. As we are now using a car we have decided to split each section of the walk into two or perhaps 3 other sections, depending on length, park the car and walk to the mid point of the section and back. Because of this we'll be doing the walk twice!! But that's okay, we enjoy it and that's what counts. We've started at the nearest point to us, which is the National Arboretum and decided Wychnor Country Club Park was about half way.


They start the walk at the National Arboretum which is fine and I kind of understand but personally I think they should re-think this and start the walk at Alrewas. The reason being is that after a short walk from the arboretum it brings you out on to a walk which goes along side the A38. Now my photo makes this road look quite sedate but believe me it was so busy with traffic of all sorts thundering by and looking at all the debris along side the road and I was expecting to get whacked with something! It's a horrible little section of this walk and you also have to go up on to a bridge which crosses this road and that was horrible too. SO.....if any of you want to do this walk I'd strongly suggest starting at Alrewas, as you'd really miss nothing much at all by doing this, apart from that horrible busy and quite scary to walk alongside of road.


After the above, you reach the dreaded A38

Having survived hell on earth we reached the peace and quiet of the lovely village of Alrewas

from here we go out into the countryside along a canal and river

and we squelched!




Back with part 2......when it happens!


19 Mar 2015

Kedleston Hall

Before I start I must say Hello and Welcome to all new followers and email subscribers, lovely to have you here!

On Wednesday of last week, we took ourselves off to Kedleston Hall as we wanted to do the long walk around the grounds. We had to set off early as the forecast was for rain and we wanted to get most of the walk in before that arrived. Here's quick photo tour of some of the sights you see on the walk......click on the link if you'd like to find out more about the place

we're watching you!!

by the time we got back to the hall, the rain had arrived :(

after visiting the shop we poked our heads through the door to the hall and I snapped the photo shown below. We would have liked to do the hall but at this stage we were wet, muddy and a little tired so it was a case of next time...

...and in the shop, I just could not resist these when I saw them especially at that price